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Andrea Dworkin Video & Audio File Archive

Montreal Speech, (43 min, 128 Kbps, mp3) 1991--We've been working on this speech off and on since 2001 (when I didn't even know what an mp3 file was), working from a very poor quality copy of a copy that was difficult to listen to due to horrible background noises because it was the only file that was available. The original of this file has been lost and thanks to Diana. who worked on it for weeks and a very skilled movie sound person who devoted countless hours of his expertise and labor, we now have an excellent version of this speech.

This will go on the Montreal summary page: It is no small feat that this speech is being presented online. When I first visited Nikki Craft, I lived in New Orleans. She invited me to go to Houston with her and attend a speech given by Andrea Dworkin and even spend some time with Andrea and Michael Moorcock after her speech. Andrea was powerful and truthful, in spite of her visibly declining health. Later, Nikki asked me to listen to a tape recording of a much ealier speech she had given in Montreal in the wake of the Marc Lepine shootings. I was stunned. The written versions of her speeches collected in the book Life and Death never conveyed the awesome power of her message the way her voice did. But the quality of the recording made it impossible to offer it to the public. Neither of us had any audio experience, but we jury-rigged a confused knot of cables to digitize it, adding plenty of static. I labored with video editing software, for days and weeks trying to modulate the volume and get rid of the noise while preserving her voice, and no choice was good. Nikki had previously sent the original tape to someone else who was supposed to clean it up and unfortunately the tape was lost. Meanwhile I got pregnant and had a baby, so the project was on hold. When I was strong enough again to get back to finishing it, we had to evacuate for this storm named Katrina, and left the only CD copy in my house, which flooded. That was the last recording of that speech anyone had and I assumed it was gone for good. My partner traveled back to New Orleans to assess the damage, and he brought back a plastic box of stuff he salvaged. In the box was Andrea's speech! I finished what I could. Still, the result was not up to par so I asked my dear friend who is an audio genius, and he worked his magic on it. Presto: the Montreal speech. He managed to bring her out of the shadows, into her glory. If you had heard what he had to start with, you'd never imagine it could be done. I'd say he's the protagonist of this story. --Diana, September 1, 2006 (Andrea Clark is transcribing this speech.)

Why Men Like Pornography & Prostitution So Much. Keynote Speech at International Trafficking Conference, 1989
(Audio File: 22 min, 128 Kbps, mp3) (Transcript is currently being done by Huma Mohib. Talk to tt about date.)

Testimony of Andrea Dworkin, Attorney General's Commission on Pornography, New York City Hearings, January 22, 1986. Pornography Is a Civil Rights Issue is the written transcript for this speech. This speech appears in the US edition of Letters From a War Zone, pages 276-307.

Andrea Confronts NOW (National Organization for Women) (Tape was recorded on wrong speed and is a bit too fast. Will reload corrected version soon.) (Anita A. is transcribing this file.)

Andrea Dworkin Debates Barry Lynn (ACLU) on CNN (Audio File: 10 min, 128 Kbps, mp3) (Anita A. is transcribing this file.)

David Gold Interview of Andrea Dworkin, KLIF Radio, Dallas, Texas, October 17, 1998, Text Version (reduce volume)
(Stephanie has written the summary. We have a rough draft of the transcript. We need someone to transcribe it going from that transcription might save time.)
Glen Mitchell Interview of Andrea Dworkin
KERA, Dallas, Texas
March 11, 2002
(**See above notation on Gold interview.)

Andrea Dworkin's Keynote Speech at a January 1985 Pornography Awareness conference at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina. (1 hour, 128 Kbps, mp3) DUKE TRANSCRIPT

Andrea was on of the keynote speakers at the conference on Violence, Abuse & Women's Citizenship: Global Strategies for Prevention, Protection & Provision, November 10, 1996 in Brighton, UK. (22 min, 128 Kbps, mp3 excellent sound quality and content) (Milla will transcribe, Elliott will proof before John goes over it.)


NOW, Anti Violence Rally
Minneapolis, Minnesota
April 9, 1995
(Sarah is working on this transcription.)

Freedom Now: Ending Violence Against Women: Presented at Texas Council on Family Violence, Austin Texas, November, 1992
(86 min, 128 Kbps, mp3)(Milla will transcribe, Elliott will proof before John goes over it.)

10/10/91 interview for THE THIRD WAVE: a voice for Rhode Island's feminist women, (monthly statewide newspaper), so this is written and audio, and 10/11/91 radio interview with (the late) David Brudnoy, on WBZ radio in Boston, Massachusetts. (Jodi) Speech, Equality & Harm
(Audio File: 29 min, 128 Kbps, mp3)
& Question & Answer Session
(Audio File: 19 min, 128 Kbps, mp3) (Elliott will transcribe this one.)
Modern Times Interview With Larry Josephson, 1992 (Andrea Clark transcribed this file. Audio version will be available soon.)

Canadian Speech, 1984. (22 min, 128 Kbps, mp3) (Sarah is working on this transcription as well.)

Olympia Washington 1991. (Milla will transcribe this one if it hasn't already been published and hopefully Elliott will proof it.) Andrea Dworkin, Taking Liberty, NYC, Aug. 3, 1986. (Bee is currently transcribing this file and hopefully Elliott will proof it.) Andrea at the NY ACLU March 27, 1985.

Dworkin ACLU Debate

Andrea, Stockholm, 1990 Andrea Dworkin at Kentucky Women's Writer's Conference, 1990. (Videotape) Andrea Dworkin and Erica Jong on "Donahue" Talk Show, May 5, 1987. (Videotape)
A set of three, one called Afternoon Address: Andrea Dworkin: Author of Pornography: Men Possessing Women and the other two labeled Combined Panel Dworkin, Reading from Pornography: Men Possessing Women Chapter, Rebuttals & Questions, Women Against Pornography #2; American Writers Congress, (which may or may not have Andrea on it.)
WBAI's Memorial with excerpts from Andrea's New York Memorial at New School. (Helen is working on the transcription for this file.) Andrea Dworkin reading Mercy
Old Wives Tale
Sexuality Panel, 4/4/87

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